Potential Participants
We have many ongoing projects for individuals with acquired speech or writing deficits or Alzheimer’s Disease. If you would like to participant in one of our studies, please contact Jessie Beshara at

If you are a student interested in participating in research on language or cognitive neuroscience, we invite you to contact either Dr. Michele Miozzo or Jessie Beshara. Current projects in the lab include:

– Alzheimer’s Disease and memory capacity
– The effect of Aphasia on inner speech
– Research on language production deficits as a result of Aphasia
– The effect of limited language accessibility on emotion
– Sign Language, spatial representations, and iconicity


80 Fifth Avenue
Room 709
New York, NY 10011

Lab phone number: (212) 229-5727  x3457

Lab Manager

Jessie Beshara

Michele Miozzo

80 Fifth Avenue
Room 717B
New York, NY 10011

Office phone number: 212-229-5727  x1319